Dermalogica Treatments

Face mapping skin analysis (Complimentary)

A professional, in-depth skin analysis based on your skin and lifestyle. Our skin experts will show you how to achieve your healthiest skin and address any concerns. You’ll also receive a personalized Skin Fitness Plan with customized product recomendations and samples

Facefit (10 Minutes)

A quick and effective service featuring our innovative products for flawless skin in a hurry. Ideal for special events, seasonal skin maintenance or a quick pick-me-up.

ProSkin 30 (30 Minutes)

Our customized treatment, on your time
A high impact treatment customized to target your top skin concerns for maximum results.

ProSkin 60 (60 Minutes)

The ultimate treatment, different every time
Customized, sensorial treatment featuring advanced products, techniques and technologies. This extensive treatment takes you on a relaxing journey to your healthiest-looking skin.

ProSkin 90 (90 Minutes)

This customisable, expert strength, bio-charged treatment offers a skin changing combination of thermal activity, touch therapy, and the latest in technology for optimal product penetration, relaxation and dramatic skin health improvement. A targeted treatment for uneven skin tone, acne, dehydration and ageing skin.

Bioactive Peel (45 – 60 Minutes)

Achieve dramatically smooth skin and address signs of acne, aging and hyperpigmentation with this professional chemical peel without downtime.